Sunday, 10 May 2009

Being studentesque

What is a student? There is no such question for a student to ask about. Student is always a passive being defined not by students themselves. Their behavior far from their own consciousness could be acted out and never is framed out by their own being. Being adequate is the only responsibility. So blaming the failure of students' independence and critical thinking make no sense to students themselves, because these qualities are always out of themselves. For a student to be condemned the thing left out from teachers, parents, psychologists and religion practitioners is silence from the "O-shaped" mouth, yes I like this trendy vocabulary, what a excellent representation of the youth suffering. All the response and criticism from such bitch (which is a better word to describe those "MAN") is ignorant to a O-shaped mouth. "o" I like that: The thing in student itself, a hollow hole for itself, I'm O-shaped, therefore I am a student.